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UPDATE 1/13/23

Good news, I’ve personally hand-fixed all of the automatic door systems throughout the school as of today – Friday the 13th! The automatic door buttons are on the side entrances of both ends of the upper story. This will greatly benefit those with disabilities, as well as older parents and grandparents who come to the school to watch their students compete and perform in after-school activities.

UPDATE 1/3/23

Thank you PHSCandid for the photo & mention following the Spree Winter Formal, it is much appreciated (and we had so much fun!). PHSCandid is a student-led project that showcases the great deals of fun that are had at school games and events. Anybody who doesn’t already follow PHSCandid on Instagram – GO FOLLOW NOW!

UPDATE 1/2/23

I am proud to be a current member of The Polson Ski Club – an excellent and very fun thing to be a part of. Open to ALL students and free of cost, the club operates district ski busses that travel to and from Whitefish Mountain every weekend for an astonishing day of skiing. Just got back from Whitefish after a long week there, am very proud to have traveled back with such amazing people! Anyone interested in skiing should DEFINITELY check it out. Thank you!

UPDATE 1/1/23

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! A lot of wonderful things happened here in Polson as we closed out 2022. The past few months have been home to countless amazing happenings and events that have made Polson High shine and stand out from other schools in the region. From an OUTSTANDING homecoming that drew thousands of people in the community together, to a tremendous fall and now winter season of sports taking place (with several teams going almost undefeated) as well as the INCREDIBLE annual Polson High winter formal – dubbed as Spree – along with everything in between, 2022 has been nothing but glamour and superb achievement and success for PHS.

The outlook for 2023 is even better. I am looking forward to performing in the magnificent highly-rated PHS Talent Show, and expect to bring a lot to the table this year with my own rap rendition of Still Dre by Dr. Dre.

Update 9/16/22

The volleyball match against Whitefish this Tuesday was a blast. It was great to see the impressive Linderman gym and strong student turnout. I went to my second meeting this Thursday and it was really cool going over some ideas for Homecoming next week. Should be super fun!

Update 9/9/22

Just went to my first presidential meeting this Thursday. The other freshmen class officers and myself attended. It was interesting learning more about how student government at PHS operates.
Remember, if you yourself want to represent and be a voice for your class – anyone can be a student “rep”. All you need to do is show up at the Student Council meetings and you can call yourself a student representative.

Update 9/2/22

Thank you to all who voted. It’s an honor to be freshman president! Polson’s football and cheer team this year are definitely outstanding. The game on Friday was super fun.

I’m looking forward to networking with the newly elected cabinet members in coming weeks + interacting with y’all…the student body. As promised, I’m here. If you have any concerns or ideas feel free to reach out. Together we can make this freshman year one for the record books!