WebApp for Video on Demand

WebApp Tech Specs:

Kagi Media WebApp is an HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript based UI with integrated Video Player.

Designed for the best possible user experience, it features:

- Table of Contents (multi-level, default and wide views)
- Playlist (add, remove, arrange, scroll)
- Lights-Out
- Expand All / Play All
- Lock Stage In View
- SD/HD Switching
- Full Screen Mode

Operating System
and Browser Requirements:

Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

Mac OS X 10.6 or greater is suggested.

A web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari is suggested.

For web browser playback, JavaScript must be enabled and Adobe Flash Player must be installed.

Apple iDevices (iOS) are supported.

Android OS is supported. (depending on model...may need to choose "watch in video player")

Windows Devices (e.g. Surface) are supported.

Recommended System Specifications:

Computer Hardware

multi-core processor is suggested, 2GB RAM or greater is suggested, a current video and sound card is suggested. The faster your computer the better.

Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection capable of 1.5+ mbps of sustained transfer speeds is a baseline speed. For best experience, 10+ mbps is suggested.

Tech Tips:

1) If you have been logged in for a long time or left your computer your active session might have expired.

- refresh the browser
- log In agian

2) If you encounter playback errors or video wont play you can try the following:

NOTE: The first thing to try is chage the server in your user account as outlined here: http://kagimedia.com/blog/new-server/

If issues persist, try the following...

Level 1:

- close other internet related apps or heavy CPU load processes
- clear the browser cache
- refresh the browser
- use different browser (Chrome or Firefox work well + use lastest version)

Level 2:

- update os
- reboot machine
- update flash player

Level 3:

- try on differnt computer

3) In some programs, you can choose to play the "long play" clips as suggested here: https://kagimedia.com/blog/long-play-clips/ This avoids having to reload short clips so often.

4) Another option is to play the videos on an iDevice. When played on an iDevce you are not using flash.



- continue to develop the channel

as we continue to develop the channel we welcome your feedback