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Program Includes: The Feature Video + Video Add-Ons + Files Add Ons

The Feature:

Full Mastering Session with Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman

Active Add-Ons:

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Files Add-On: Mastering Audio Assets

Mastering Session Files Included!

Files-Add-on: Mastering Audio Assets is part of The Program: the master - Bernie Grundman. It is designed to be used interactively along with the video presentation The Feature: Full Mastering Session.

You get direct access to the well recorded mixed and mastered song. Not only simple A/B audio - you also get the actual full length audio - the entire mastering session. This is a real time account - move by move, treatment by treatment and step by step - revealing each increment that Bernie Grundman applies. We include all of the source files showing both "as it happens" and "before and after".

In the video presentation, Bernie performs full EQ treatments on the complex audio signal and then he use several stages of compression/limiting. With the companion audio files, you can open up, follow along, listen and compare in full resolution on your own system.

Description of contents:


Includes full real-time mastering session audio using the audio file Mastering Session.wav

Along the Pro Tools timeline you will find markers that indicate and correspond with each move that Bernie Grundman makes in the mastering session.

Includes the full mastering session audio plus before and after:


These tracks let you experience different stages from unmastered to the finished record.

TRACK NAME:           1_Consolacao-Berimbau-Unmastered

TRACK NAME:           2_Mastering Session

TRACK NAME:           3_Consolacao-Berimbau-Finished-Master

Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman

A Series of Mastering Resources:

Program Includes: The Feature + Video Add-Ons + Files Add Ons

the master - Bernie Grundman
: an audio mastering program. We provide you with an intimate look at Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman, his workflow and mastering philosophies.

In addition to his remarkable talents as a Mastering Engineer, Bernie is an engaging communicator. We watch as Bernie performs a full mastering session and describes every single aspect of his art. Watch as Bernie makes a great song brilliant, bringing out the very best of the recording, all the while engaging us with conversational theory, hard facts and concrete examples.

What You Get:

The program the master - Bernie Grundman includes multiple groups of videos. A so-called group of videos (a Feature Video or Video Add-on) might range from screen capture videos all the way to full length documentaries shot on camera. Some also include "downloadable companion files".

For example, "Full Mastering Session" (the video) includes Files Add-On: "Full Mastering Session - Audio Assets" which is Pro Tools sessions and audio files that go along with that video. 

Also Note: The program the master - Bernie Grundman is not static, we may modify or add files over time. You can always find out what is currently included on this page.

All Currently Active Videos:

1) Full Mastering Session: We document the entire process of Bernie Grundman mastering a record.

2) Theory with Bernie Grundman: Bernie disucsses mastering theory and philosophy.

3) Making The Master: Bernie on Mastering Singles and Albums.

4) Mastering for CD or Vinyl: Bernie shows/describes processes + performs Full Disk Cutting Session.

Total Runtime: 02:10:23;00

All Currently Active File Downloads:

1) Full Mastering Session - Audio Assets: Entire realtime mastering session audio and finished record.

Upcoming Add-Ons:

To Be Announced

About Bernie Grundman: Bernie Grundman is one of the most prominent names in Mastering worldwide. He has been directly or indirectly, by his studio staff of engineers, behind hundreds of gold and platinum recordings. He has personally mastered some of the industry’s landmark recordings, such as: Carol King’s “tapestry”, Steely Dan’s “Aja”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Prince’s “Purple rain”, and Dr. Dre’s “the Chronic”. In addition He has worked on albums by a veritable who’s who of the music industry, such as: The Carpenters, Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendes, The Doors, Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell, Burt Backarach, Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Supertramp, Procal Harum. Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Outkast, Ludicrous, Mos Def, Mary J. Blidge, Lucinda Williams, Jack Johnson & Macy Gray.

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Table of Contents:

Mastering Theory with Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman


1: Introduction
2: What Is Mastering
3: Philosophy of Mastering
4: Equipment and Maintaining Quality 

Feature: Full Mastering Session with Bernie Grundman


1: Mastering Goals

2: Formats and File Handling 

3: Workflow


4: Analysis of our Recording 

5: Step One: EQ LOW-END

6: Step Two: EQ MIDRANGE 

7: Step Three: EQ LOW-END - MIDRANGE 

8: Step Four: EQ HIGH-END 




Making the Master - Bernie Grundman on Mastering Singles & Albums


Making the Master 1 

Making the Master 2 

Making the Master 3 

Mastering for CD or Vinyl  Bernie Grundman Disk Cutting Session


1: Record Master to Tape

2: Disk Cutting 101

3: The Cutting System

4: Disk Cutting Session

5: Bernie Talks Music Biz

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