Freshman Year

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Presidential Announcements Below

Hello Pirates! I’m pleased to announce that I am launching my campaign to continue the journey with you guys into our sophomore year!!! It’s been super awesome representing all of y’all this year and I’m really thankful for all the support I’ve gotten from each and every one of you.

As president I’ve always been the #1 School Spirit booster at PHS, whether it be through spirit weeks, school events like the Talent Show, or at sports games. I’m looking forward to putting into action some even more innovative ways to boost school spirit.

Thank you for your vote and GO PIRATES!!

Mark Kagi – Freshman Class President

Check back for new updates!

UPDATE 5/19/23

THANK YOU PHS!!!!!!!!!! I had the most fun this week that I’ve had all year. It was really cool seeing all the different outfits people wore this week for our Spirit-Themed dress up days. Huge shoutout to everyone who performed in the talent show, everyone who came to watch, and to the rest of the BOG team who helped me make it happen. It was really fun planning it and getting it into action so I’m truly grateful that all you Pirates helped make it a success. 

Huge congratulations to Myles for getting third place with his drum solo! Great job also to Gus, David, Drifter, and Kai (I can’t remember if there was anybody else) for getting second! It was super fun watching you guys. 

I’m really honored that I was chosen for 1st place, so thanks again to everybody who made it possible. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without such an awesome audience that you guys were. 

It was wonderful to see so much school spirit this week and here’s to an awesome weekend!


UPDATE 5/11/23

Talent show and Spring Spirit week next week!!!!!! Sign up for the talent show in the office. Monday – CEO Day/Professional Dress, Tropical Tuesday, Purple and Gold Wednesday, Fave Sport Thursday, Fave Holiday Friday.

It’s gonna be a blast!

UPDATE 3/20/23

Prom Night at the Kwataqnuk here in Polson was INSANELY GREAT!! Shoutout to all who made it possible, especially the Theatre Department! I’m really looking forward to going again in future years. Coming up right after Spring Break in April is our highly-anticipated rescheduled Talent Show! I’m very excited to perform my own Pro-Polson, Pro-Pirate rendition of Still D.R.E featuring a surprise student pianist. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 3/12/23

The Job Fair at the Red Lion was a really insightful and well-set-up event, definitely a lot of great employers here in the area. Thank you counselors for bringing us!

UPDATE 2/12/23

The Talent Search Program here at Polson High is once again gearing up for our second field trip of the year! Mark your calendars for April 4th, we will be headed to Gonzaga University in Spokane. Talent Search is an incredible program that is available to all students that offers many benefits including free help on all school projects, essays, etc. Advisors can also help with any questions you might have with careers, colleges, or your future. Anyone interested in joining can get applications from me.

UPDATE 1/3/23

Thank you PHSCandid for the photo & mention following the Spree Winter Formal, it is much appreciated (and we had so much fun!). PHSCandid is a student-led project that showcases the great deals of fun that are had at school games and events. Anybody who doesn’t already follow PHSCandid on Instagram – GO FOLLOW NOW!

UPDATE 1/2/23

I am proud to be a current member of The Polson Ski Club – an excellent and very fun thing to be a part of. Open to ALL students and free of cost, the club operates district ski busses that travel to and from Whitefish Mountain every weekend for an astonishing day of skiing. Just got back from Whitefish after a long week there, am very proud to have traveled back with such amazing people! Anyone interested in skiing should DEFINITELY check it out. Thank you!

UPDATE 1/1/23

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! A lot of wonderful things happened here in Polson as we closed out 2022. The past few months have been home to countless amazing happenings and events that have made Polson High shine and stand out from other schools in the region. From an OUTSTANDING homecoming that drew thousands of people in the community together, to a tremendous fall and now winter season of sports taking place (with several teams going almost undefeated) as well as the INCREDIBLE annual Polson High winter formal – dubbed as Spree – along with everything in between, 2022 has been nothing but glamour and superb achievement and success for PHS.

Update 11/1/22

Greetings, Pirates! I’m excited about winter sports beginning to ramp up here quickly. Also happening in November is a free school-sponsored trip to North Idaho College as part of the Talent Search Program. Talent Search is a great program that allows students to get help with their schoolwork, get advice for their futures, and go on trips to universities across the state. Let me know if you’d like an application!

Update 10/14/22

I’m starting work on a new initiative to consolidate and make club info, signups, meeting times and locations more accessible to students. This will also make it easier for club leaders and staff to manage them. If anyone’s interested in helping out, let me know! All team members will get a gift card to our Pirate Concessions at the end!

Update 9/16/22

The volleyball match against Whitefish this Tuesday was a blast. It was great to see the impressive Linderman gym and strong student turnout. I went to my second meeting this Thursday and it was really cool going over some ideas for Homecoming next week. Should be super fun!

Update 9/9/22

Just went to my first presidential meeting this Thursday. The other freshmen class officers and myself attended. It was interesting learning more about how student government at PHS operates.
Remember, if you yourself want to represent and be a voice for your class – anyone can be a student “rep”. All you need to do is show up at the Student Council meetings and you can call yourself a student representative.

Update 9/2/22

Thank you to all who voted. It’s an honor to be freshman president! Polson’s football and cheer team this year are definitely outstanding. The game on Friday was super fun.

I’m looking forward to networking with the newly elected cabinet members in coming weeks + interacting with y’all…the student body. As promised, I’m here. If you have any concerns or ideas feel free to reach out. Together we can make this freshman year one for the record books!